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A Thousand Years

A Thousand Years - Brigitte Ann Thomas I really wanted to like this novella as it sounds like a paranormal romance similar to Twilight or the Sookie Stackhouse series that I really enjoyed reading a couple of years ago. However, the author needs to get a better editor and/or proofreader. The book had a lot of grammatical issues that were annoying but possibly printing issues so I was able to ignore them. My main complaint is that the plot really needed some foreshadowing. Villains just appear with no warning and almost no back story. Then they just disappear--I guess until they are needed again in some obviously planned sequel. The end seemed very rushed, which doesn't make much sense in a less than 100 page novella.

I gave the book 2 stars because I think that this is what Stephen King called a trunk book that all beginning authors write to figure out how the writing and especially plotting process works. Before self-publishing, these books would sit in a trunk unable to find a brick and mortar publisher allowing the authors to write the really good books that would come later. I think if this author continues to write her books will get better too and I wouldn't be adverse to reading perhaps her third or fourth published work.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway but that did not impact my review.