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The Musubi Murder

The Musubi Murder - Frankie Bow I love this new series! It's set on a Hawaiian public college campus. The main characters, Molly and Emma, are sarcastic and laugh-out-loud funny.

Molly has a PhD in literature but is trying to get tenure as a College of Commerce instructor. There are many thought-provoking discussions about word choice. For example, is it decapitated head or disembodied head? There are asides about how the human body tastes like pork and which way you should squeeze through a crowded theater to your seats--facing forward or backwards--which I pondered long after the topic has passed. The school administrators act as crazy as you would think they would to retain students.

The denouement is both surprising and fair when you think back to the clues among the many red herrings. This book is similar to the Murder with Peacocks series of books in both humor and having really relatable characters that feel like old friends.

The narrator has no other books on Audible at the time of this review, which is too bad as I would like to listen to her again. She has the excellent ability to change her voice for each character making it easy to listen while doing other things. She even does male voices that you would swear were being voiced by a man.

I liked this book so much that I went to the author's blog, you can just Google it, and was happy to see she has several more books in this series written that are just waiting for release. I'll be sure to pick them up when they come out so I can keep up with the adventures of Molly and Emma.

I received this book in a LibraryThing Member Giveaway but that has not impacted my review.