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Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade Volume 1 TP

Max Brooks' The Extinction Parade Volume 1 TP - Max Brooks I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway but that did not impact my review.

This graphic novel is the full package--great plot and excellent illustrations. The plot is a new twist on the usual vampire story. To say more would ruin the twist. The illustrations remind me of the best scene in the World War Z movie of the scaling of the wall outside Israel--memorable when looked at briefly but even better within the details.

Also, much of the dialog sounds like poetry. Here are a couple of non-spoiler examples "Oh, how we greedily supped upon the last succulent drops from their frantically beating hearts" and referring to the middle class, "When had the ancient, seemingly indestructible barriers fallen, allowing a sea of wealth to surge so quickly and evenly across our hunting ground?"

If you like horror that makes you think, pick this book up.