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Bundles of Letters Including A, V, and Epsilon

Bundles of Letters Including A, V, and Epsilon - Arlene Ang, Pamela Hill, Valerie  Fox Hmmm, I think I just don't understand surrealist poetry, as this book declares it is on its back cover. These poems seem more like I'm overhearing someone's random thoughts. I think they would be better categorized as surrealist flash fiction. Here is a quote from the book "the moon sentenced an x-ray of my areola (right). Someone praised my synonyms for Rumpelstiltskin taped under a leather sole." I did like some of stream-of-consciousness thoughts from Valerie Fox and I enjoyed Arlene Ang's comment "for years I repeated the word impetus underbreath taking its three vowels--tediously--for love." It is rather fun to repeat impetus as it sort of rolls around your mouth like the word comparable. Unfortunately, I am just not fashionable enough to give this book a rating higher than a 2. However, if you are more of a risk taker and you like the two quotes I provided, this book might be for you.

I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway but that has not impacted my review.