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Shotgun Lovesongs

Shotgun Lovesongs - Nickolas Butler I received this book as an ARC from the publisher.

Sometimes you feel like watching a blockbuster movie like Iron Man and sometimes you feel like taking a timeout and watching an indie movie like Nebraska or Juno. This book reminds of an indie movie. It plopped me into someone else's life for a few hours. The people who populate this book are completely different from my born and bred in Los Angeles lifestyle but that's a good thing. Since we only get one life, it is nice to see how other choices could have turned out.

This book is about a group of friends from a small farming town in Wisconsin. It is about how your choices define what your entire life will be like and that one bad decision might lead to a lifetime of regrets. I felt like I knew these people better than most of my friends. At the end of this novel, I was already missing the people within it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has regrets about the decisions they made early in their life. It would also be excellent for people who like literary fiction. I'm sure we will be hearing more from Mr. Butler as he has a strong writing voice.